Our Story

Just a big/little Minnesotan family

We love kayaking, fishing, skiing, and everything else that makes Minnesota the best place to live. The best part about Minnesota is all of the natural open space, and we love to use it. We have always been active and found it important to support our local economy, but with 3 small children we knew we wanted to make a commitment to feeding them the healthiest options.

We had no idea where to turn when it came to healthy and humane meat. The natural food chains are an option, but very expensive and not local. Farmers markets are hit or miss and take a time commitment to be available the certain day that the market is open. With a busy family and work schedule it can be hard to make the right choices.

Our family started attending the local farmers market in hopes to start eating more healthy. It was working, but there was no meat option at our small market. At a family function I got to talking with my uncle that I rarely see who I knew was a farmer. We talked about the way that meat should be raised and how he raises animals on his farm. It seem like a perfect fit for what we were looking for. However, he was a couple of hours away, so buying a part of a pig was the only option. We invested in a freezer that was purchased at a garage sale to house our new meat.

The meat was the best! After eating the meat raised the old fashioned way, we never wanted to eat production meat again. We knew that other families in our area would also be interested. We asked my uncle why he doesn't market his meat to the Twin Cities metro. He stated that there doesn't seem to be a good channel and that it is hard for farms like his to connect with the consumer. At that point we decided to start selling at our local farmers market for him. 

We were right! Everyone loved the meat that my uncle produced and at the end of the farmer's market season were begging for more. That is when Meat Healthy was born. Our mission changed from getting healthy, delicious, and humane meat for our family to supporting as many small Minnesota farmers who are committed to raising animals the right way as possible. In Meat Healthy's first year, we have been able to partially support 6 farms and 3 local processors. 

Meat Healthy is the channel that is much needed between Minnesota's best farmers and the Twin Cities consumer that want to support them. It promotes quality of life for farmers, animals and consumers. It benefits everyone by putting more profits in the hands of the farmers than food corporations and lowers the cost of healthy options for consumers.