About Our Meat

We think that food labels, especially when it comes to meat, are confusing and misleading. We would rather just tell you how the meat is raised. We hold our farmers accountable to three principals when it comes to raising our meat. The meat must be  Honest, Local and Sustainable.


You are what your food eats. We don't eat GMOs, use hormones or have antibiotics in our food, so we don't think that the animals that we eat should either. Our farmers are committed to raising their animals 100% natural, meaning that grass and crops only get organic fertilizer, are not from GMO seeds, and the animals are clean of drugs.

Because the animals do not receive drugs during their lives, they need fresh air to stay healthy. All cattle and chickens are raised in the pasture, and pigs are grown in open air hoop barns or pasture. The pigs don't even smell!

During processing we do not use any chemicals. We are 100% NITRATE FREE!


All of our farmers live and farm within 150 miles of our delivery area. This isn't just important to us, because we like supporting local agriculture, which we do, but because of the consumption of fuel needed for conventional meat production. In the conventional meat process, animals and meat are shipped across the country several times. Our farmers are close to our butchers, which are close to our delivery area.


Sustainability is important to the future of our food. In conventional meat production, one problem in the chain can cause huge consequences for consumers. By many small farms raising the meat, we reduce the likelihood of diseases spreading to almost zero.

Rotational grazing allows for smaller acres of land to provide for cattle. Feed is grown on the farm or neighboring farm, which allows quantities to be monitored. Since there isn't the added expense in shipping, which raises prices, chemicals are not needed to produce higher yields. Some crop loss is okay, it's a part of nature.

The cows and pigs eat the grass and crops, the chickens eat the insects that follow the livestock, the cows, pigs and chickens create manure, which then feeds the crops. By using heritage seeds instead of GMOs, rotating animals and sharing with neighboring farms, there is no need for outside intervention. Our farms support themselves.


If you have any additional questions about our meat, please contact us. We would be happy to explain and see if it is a right fit for you.