Not The Paleo Diet, The 19th Century Diet - We Think

We have never been on a diet. Well, we have never set a specific intake regimen and we don't plan on it. We are focused on eating healthy and have a specific plan in place, but the focus is not on quantity, although it should be considered. The focus of our new found diet is to consume foods that have been know to sustain healthy people.

During the 19th century, small farms ruled and every community was fed by the multitude of small farmers that surrounded them. Vegetables were tilled by hand from seeds that were passed down from generation to generation. The meat was honest, slow growing and rich of quality fat protein. Cancer rates were low and people were generally healthy. People didn't worry about the food they were eating. Most of the concern with health was caused by other illnesses and diseases that were not food related. 

Food changed drastically in the 20th century. The focus from local healthy foods by necessity changed to producing foods faster, bigger and cheaper. So you may ask what changed. Certainly higher density of population required larger volume food production, which coaxed the food producers to change the dynamic of food. It was easier to contract and create large scale farmers who were more efficient at yielding more crops. Preservatives were added to make items last longer, so that expensive speedy shipping wasn't required. This also led to cheating the food by processing more which required less natural ingredients, which are expensive.

TV drove the machine to the market. Families started spending more time in front of the TV and less time cooking. Once food had changed from a single ingredient to more sophisticated processed food, consumers wanted convenience. They wanted tasty, fast food that came at a low cost. Families actually planned to eat TV dinners as a family meal. Fast food restaurants were popping up everywhere. All of which was presented to them in a 30 second commercial every night while gathered around the glowing tube.

Today things are not much different. Yes, more consumers are concerned about what they are putting into their bodies, but it is hard to undo the process that has already been put into place. You can still buy single ingredient items, but they are expensive and are often genetically modified and covered in chemicals. Advanced medicine has allowed us to not worry about the diseases of our great great grandparents, but today we battle new diseases mostly caused by food. Certain cancers, heart diseases and diabetes have all been linked to how we eat.

I bet you are getting an idea of what our new diet is. Well, if you haven't guessed, we are going back to the 19th century. Our plan is to eat natural foods grown by small farmers and ourselves. We aren't actually going back to the 19th century, so the occasional processed ice cream, or processed treat will make it's way into our bellies, but we will not be purchasing processed foods to be used in meals, sodas or anything else that has more than one ingredient, besides breads.

We are getting prepped to plant our garden, which will provide our vegetables. All of our meat will be coming from Meat Healthy, which is sourced from local farmers that don't use hormones or antibiotics. Along the way, we will keep you posted through this blog on the Meat Healthy website. If you have questions or suggestions, contact us! We love hearing from everyone.


  • Glad you are enjoying it Angel!

    Jeff Block
  • This is good stuff Jeff!


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