Meat Healthy Partners With Lamusga Beef

Lamusga Beef will be Meat Healthy's long term partner. After several trial rounds and testing, we have made a long term commitment to Lamusga Beef located in Browerville, MN to provide cattle to Meat Healthy.

What prompted us to partner with Lamusga Beef was their passion for raising healthy animals. Having experience raising conventional beef, they decided to make the change to 100% natural in recent years. They have developed a way to produce excellent tasting beef without hormones or GMO feeds. Currently they are working on sustainable ways to shorten the length of time to raise the animals with success.

Lamusga Beef is a small family owned farm that is operated by Jason Lamusga and young family. Jason grew up in the small farming community of Browerville. His family owns 1,100 acres of land they they use for crop production, which Jason purchased a portion of for his beef production. Jason's works a full-time job to provide health insurance for his family with the rising costs. His goal is to work full-time on the farm in the near future.

Please look forward to enjoying Lamusga Beef in your Meat Healthy Share.

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