Honest. Local. Sustainable.

Meat Healthy is the easiest way to support local farming, the ethical treatment of animals, and healthier food for us and future generations.

From the farm to your door.

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Our farmers are located within 150 miles of any of our deliveries. We believe Minnesota's own small farmers and butchers do the best job at providing for us. We are here to support them.


Our farmers sow the seed that feeds the animals. Grass for cows and crops for pigs and poultry. All of which are free of GMOs. Their stewardship to the soil is the foundation of healthy animals.


The secret to delicious meat is honesty. Our animals are raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids. This promotes natural growth. It takes longer, but it's tender and flavorful, which is worth waiting for.

Our HAPPY Customers

We have crushed the t-bones, breakfast sausage and brats so far, all have been great. A benefit my wife and I have noticed is that we ended up planning our meals around the meat we had. So this week we are using the tenderloin for pulled pork, the hamburger for burgers and tacos. I should have a couple of neighbors signed up in the next couple of months too.

Louie F. - Shoreview, MN

Wow... So amazingly good! It was a stretch for me to commit to the monthly cost at first, but you really can't get this quality from any store. So glad I signed up! Amazing meat.

Tara B. - Forest Lake, MN

I just tried the ground beef for the first time tonight and I love it! I *never* eat ground beef plain when it is cooked, because I usually can't stand the smell until it has some seasoning added to it, but this smelled wonderful and I ate it plain! This is for sure the best I've ever had in my life.

Anne M. - Shoreview, MN

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